About TSR

About TSR

Back in 1962, John Woudenberg established Woudenberg Enterprises Inc. doing business as Star-Lite Barricade and Sign. The company initially supplied traffic safety equipment, renting road barricades and signs to heavy highway contractors, utilities, and government agencies. In 1973 the company bought their first pieces of shoring equipment to rent to their customer base.

Today, Woudenberg Enterprises, operating as Trench Shore Rentals and Trebor Shoring Rentals (TSR). It’s one of the oldest and largest suppliers of underground shoring, trench-cover plate, and trench safety equipment in the U.S. We are three generations family-owned since 1962.

With rental yards in Arizona, California, and Texas, we offer one of the newest, most up to date inventories of underground shoring equipment in the west. With our fleet of knuckle-boom crane trucks, we will quickly deliver and set up shoring equipment for you.

We offer complete services, including OSHA “competent person” training, engineered shoring plans, and job site consulting.

We pride ourselves as a family-owned and operated stressing quality service and supplying quality products. For more than 50 years, we have been committed to “World Class Customer Service”!

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Trench Shoring Rentals

Hydraulic Trench Shoring Rentals


Our Phoenix office services the Phoenix metro area and Northern Arizona. Call us at (602) 253-3311 or contact us here.

Tucson Hydraulic Trench Shoring Rentals


Our Tucson office services the Tucson metro area and Southern Arizona to the border. Call us at (520) 352-3311 or contact us here.

El Paso Trench Shoring Rentals

El Paso

Our El Paso office serves Western Texas metro and New Mexico. Call us at (520) 352-3311 or contact us here.

Los Angeles Hydraulic Trench Shoring Rentals

Los Angeles

Serving Los Angeles and the surrounding metro area as Trebor Shoring Rentals. Call us at (866) 270-9960 or contact us here.

San Diego Hydraulic Trench Shoring

San Diego

Serving San Diego and the surrounding metro area to the Mexican border as Trebor Shoring Rentals. Call us at (619) 441-3330or contact us here