Pipe Tongs


Pipe tongs can be a big time and energy saver. They allow workers to easily place pipes in trenches with minimal clearance – which wouldn’t be viable otherwise. High tensile steel is a preferred material for its sturdiness. Tongs can come in sizes fitting pipes from 4 inches to 48 inches, and aluminum tongs are available in a smaller size range. All tongs get tested and rated for safety. Call us today to learn more about the pipe tongs and trenching safety equipment offered for rent, lease or sale at Trench Shore Rentals.

Pipe tongs, steel trench boxes, and slide rail shoring systems are just a few pieces of equipment used by trench workers as they work below ground to add utilities or culverts under sometimes dangerous conditions. Shoring up the trenches that are dug at construction sites is critical, and being safety conscious while using tools to lay pipes is mandatory. For contractors working in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, Trench Shore Rentals offers quality pipe tongs and other pipe gear for rent or sale at unbeatable prices, as well as excavation safety training courses, to ensure workers are safe and projects are completed on time and under budget.

Safety Comes First In Trenches

Every month there are serious accidents in trenches, so safety is a priority. OSHA guidelines should always be followed at a trench site to prevent problems which could result in injuries or disability, and worker’s compensation issues. Tradesmen want to get busy moving pipe with their pipe tongs, but a few safety guidelines must be followed, including the following:

  • If a trench is deeper than four feet, hazardous gas levels must be routinely monitored
  • Any trench deeper than 20 feet must have a protective system designed by a licensed engineer
  • The edge of any trench must be kept clear of any heavy equipment
  • All underground utilities must be located before starting to dig
  • The trench should be well signed and monitored