Tripod System with Harness

Anytime workers are higher than six feet from the ground, they are at risk. That is why fall protection equipment is an essential part of most construction sites. Several systems can be used to create a safer working environment, including the selection of tripods with harnesses available for rent or sale at Trench Shore Rentals.

Fall Arrest vs. Positioning System

A fall arrest system is used to prevent a worker from falling from an elevated position. A positioning system restrains an elevated worker, which prevents him or her from being in a position that could lead to a fall. Each system utilizes harnesses, connection devices and tie-off points.

Tripods with harnesses can serve as both the tie-off point and connection device. They are engineered to be sturdy enough to support workers. A general rule is that a tie-off point should have a 5,000-pound capacity for each worker tying off on the item. Tripods can play this role alongside a full-body harness to safely lower and raise workers into trenches.

Keep Equipment Safe

It is imperative to regularly inspect any fall protection equipment. This can include looking for fraying straps or signs of oxidation on metal pieces. If you utilize tripods with harnesses, periodically clean them and follow manufacturer’s advice on any other maintenance necessary to keep them in safe working order. Be sure to consult with an expert before purchasing a tripod to be sure you are getting the right system for your job. Doing so will maximize fall protection and overall safety on your job site. Call Trench Shore Rentals at (602) 253-3311 to learn more about the tripods with harnesses and other trench shoring equipment we have to offer.