Trebor Shoring Rentals of Los Angeles

We rent and transport shore trenching equipment of all types across the entire Los Angeles metro area. See some of our most popular equipment in the section below, contact us through the site, or give me a call, Roman Villanueva, Cell (866) 270-9960. Hablamos Español!

Trench Shoring Equipment and OSHA Training in Los Angeles

As you probably know, anytime you have a construction project that requires digging, your company needs to get the shoring equipment necessary to keep your employees safe. Along with the equipment, the state of California also requires that someone on site is OSHA trained on the right ways to set this equipment up on your job site. This helps keeps everyone safe and your project moving along as needed. If you already know the type and size of the equipment you need, you can visit our rental pages and submit your request, if you have questions or need to get someone on your team trained, visit our contact page, and if you are ready to get started but still need the billing taken care of, fill out our credit application here.

Trebor Shoring Rentals

Trebor Shoring Rentals

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Road Construction Equipment Rentals near Los Angeles

If you’re doing road construction near Los Angeles then you’ll appreciate the cost savings and excellent service you’ll receive from Trebor Shoring Rentals. Our highly-qualified shoring equipment experts take great pride in providing customer service excellence that is unmatched in the industry. We have more than 30 years experience in the trench shoring business across the Southwest and Southern California so we can tell you what equipment your job needs. This will help give you a more accurate bid and ensure you have all the necessary equipment when it comes time to do the job. We know that trench shoring can be a risky job so we also offer OSHA Training to ensure the safety of your job site. For more information on trench shoring equipment and services offered by Trebor Shore Rentals, contact us today.


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