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Bedding Boxes Save Time And Money

Wasted time at a construction site is wasted money. Contractors are always looking for ways to be more efficient as they try to complete each job on schedule. One of the best ways to improve productivity at a construction or excavation site is to use bedding boxes from Trench Shore Rentals. These boxes help eliminate the loss of expensive bedding material and at the same time help maximize the efficient use of equipment at a job site. Bedding boxes also allow loader operators to stay on task and avoid wasting valuable time waiting to load and to drop material in the trenches. This means the loader can work on other duties at the job site and not focus too much attention on bedding material.

The Many Features of a Bedding Box

Bedding boxes are typically made of:

  • High quality steel for a durable and long-lasting life
  • Heavy duty tubular frames for structural integrity
  • Thick steel ends and bottoms to reduce wear and tear
  • Skid bottoms to minimize scraping from movement
  • Lift bars for easy mobility and placement
  • Sloped ends for quick and easy access to bedding material

Improve Your Efficiency with a Bedding Box

There’s no question that a bedding box can make a big difference on the job site. They are designed with convenience in mind, so they are easy to use. If you want to improve you’re material handing efficiency, then getting a bedding box is a good place to start. Call Trench Shore Rentals at (602) 253-3311 for information about the types of bedding boxes we offer and for all your shoring rental equipment in Arizona, Southern California, New Mexico and Texas.

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