Trebor Shoring Rentals of San Diego

We rent and transport shore trenching equipment of all types across the entire San Diego metro area. See some of our most popular equipment in the section below, contact us through the site, call us at (619) 441-3330 or get started by filling out our credit application.

Trench Shoring Equipment and OSHA Training in San Diego

As you probably know, anytime you have a construction project that requires digging, your company needs to get the shoring equipment necessary to keep your employees safe. Along with the equipment, the state of California also requires that someone on site is OSHA trained on the right ways to set this equipment up on your job site. This helps keeps everyone safe and your project moving along as needed. If you already know the type and size of the equipment you need, you can visit our rental pages and submit your request, if you have questions or need to get someone on your team trained, visit our contact page, and if you are ready to get started but still need the billing taken care of, fill out our credit application here.

Trebor Shoring Rentals

Trebor Shoring Rentals
15303 Olde Highway 80
El Cajon, CA 92021
Toll Free: (800) 321-5285
Local Phone: (619) 441-3330
Fax: (619) 441-3650

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  • Smooth Road Plate

    Smooth Crossing Plates

  • Anti Skid Road Plate


  • Concrete Barrier Wall

    Barrier Wall (Concrete)

  • Beam and Plate Systems

    Beam and Plate Systems

  • High Clearance Trench Boxes

    Hi-Clearance Arch Systems

  • Construction Barricades

    Barricades and Signs

  • Slide Rail System

    Slide Rail System

  • Steel Framed Aluminum

    Steel Framed Aluminum Trench Boxes

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Road Construction Equipment Rental near San Diego

Whether your construction company is a small or a large, renting shoring equipment instead of purchasing it can be an effective way to keep your costs down. If you’re located near San Diego, we believe we’re the best option for your business and we’re eager to earn your business if you haven’t worked with us before.   We’re well established and trusted by many local contractors offering our high quality rentals at great prices here in San Diego for over 30 years.   If you have a big job coming up or your just working out your numbers for your next bid, give us a call at (619) 441-3330, browse our collection of equipment, or contact us via email.


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