That’s right, we bring the damn table. TSR is your shoring supplier you can count on. 
I get this question a lot in the field, what can we bring to the table that our competition can’t? We don’t bring something to the table, we bring the table. On that table comes products that work, pricing that will keep you under budget, a billing system that is spot on, reps that will answer the phone in the middle of the night, same day deliveries, and we don’t ever say no. We will support every phase of your underground work. With us, you don’t have to worry. 

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Trench Shoring Rentals

Hydraulic Trench Shoring Rentals


Our Phoenix office services the Phoenix metro area and Northern Arizona. Call us at (602) 253-3311 or contact us here.

Tucson Hydraulic Trench Shoring Rentals


Our Tucson office services the Tucson metro area and Southern Arizona to the border. Call us at (520) 352-3311 or contact us here.

El Paso Trench Shoring Rentals

El Paso

Our El Paso office serves Western Texas metro and New Mexico. Call us at (520) 352-3311 or contact us here.

Los Angeles Hydraulic Trench Shoring Rentals

Los Angeles

Serving Los Angeles and the surrounding metro area as Trebor Shoring Rentals. Call us at (866) 270-9960 or contact us here.

San Diego Hydraulic Trench Shoring

San Diego

Serving San Diego and the surrounding metro area to the Mexican border as Trebor Shoring Rentals. Call us at (619) 441-3330or contact us here