Steel Framed Aluminum Trench Boxes


Are Aluminum Trench Boxes the best solution for you?

If your job requires you to work in some kind of trench, then you should already know that a trench box is a safe and effect way to protect yourself from the inherent dangers of working below ground. However, not all trench boxes are alike. Many trench boxes can be heavy and therefore very difficult to move or adjust. This can cost you valuable time and keep you from getting the job done quickly and efficiently. There is, however, a solution to this problem. Aluminum trench boxes are a great way to get the job done effectively. These boxes are lightweight, yet durable and they are easy to use. Many of them can even be moved by hand, and on smaller jobs, some of them take just one person.

Aluminum Trench Box sizes available

Sizes Weight
4' x 8' 1,262 lbs
4' x 10' 1,481 lbs
4' x 12' 1,610 lbs
4' x 14' 1,893 lbs
4' x 16' 2,020 lbs
6' x 8' 1,563 lbs
6' x 10' 1,823 lbs
6' x 12' 2,082 lbs
6' x 14' 2,341 lbs
6' x 16' 1,600 lbs
8' x 8' 1,848 lbs
8' x 10' 2,169 lbs
8' x 12' 2,476 lbs
8' x 14' 2,792 lbs
8' x 16' 3,200 lbs

Aluminum trench boxes are great for use for plumbers, utility companies, municipalities and underground contractors. They are easy to move, easy to stack and easy to work in. Plus they offer you peace of mind while you’re hard at work. They also come in handy for keeping your work area free from excess dirt and debris, which is another way to ensure you get the job done right and on schedule.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Aluminum

Aluminum trench boxes are versatile, lightweight convenient and very safe. This makes them a great tool for all your trench shoring jobs. No matter what your needs, Trench Shore Rentals has the right solution for you when it comes to shoring equipment. Contact us now at (602) 253-3311 to learn how to save money by renting aluminum trench boxes.