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We rent and transport shore trenching equipment from Tucson all the way south to the Mexican border. See some of our most popular equipment in the section below, contact us through the site, or give me a call, Nathan Mejia, Cell (520) 576-8828.

Trench Shoring Equipment and OSHA Training in Tucson

As you probably know, anytime you have a construction project that requires digging, your company needs to get the shoring equipment necessary to keep your employees safe. Along with the equipment, the state of Arizona also requires that someone on site is OSHA trained  as a “competent person” on the right ways to set this equipment up on your job site. This helps keeps everyone safe and your project moving along as needed. If you already know the type and size of the equipment you need, you can visit our rental pages and submit your request, if you have questions or need to get someone on your team trained, visit our contact page, and if you are ready to get started but still need the billing taken care of, fill out our credit application here.

Trench Shore Rentals

Trench Shore Rentals

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Road Construction Equipment Rentals near Tucson

Trench Shore Rentals is a leading Tucson shoring equipment rental company, offering quality trench shoring equipment and supplies to customers in Southern Arizona. For 30 years, clients have relied on TSR’s 24/7 customer service and high-quality trench shoring equipment for projects of all sizes and durations. Not interested in renting equipment? We offer shoring equipment and supplies for sale, as well. The bottom line is, no matter how big or small your next project, TSR has the right equipment at the right price. TSR offers a wide selection of Tucson shoring equipment and supplies at affordable prices, including aluminum or steel trench boxes, shoring jacks, crossing plates, or complete slide-rail shoring systems. At TSR, we know that trenching is extremely hazardous, which is why we also provide OSHA training courses to help companies in Southern Arizona ensure the safety of employees at their job sites. Choose from off-site excavation safety training at TSR’s headquarters, or on-site training at your job-site. Contact us now at (520) 352-3311 or via the form on this page to know more about our Tucson shoring equipment rental products and services or to schedule an OSHA training course.


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